Shopping-Trend Study 2023

What are consumers particularly concerned about when shopping at the moment?

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The Shopping Trend Study 2023 contains many exciting insights into the current attitudes of Germans with regard to food shopping. Find out what or who determines what ends up in the shopping cart

The study covers the following topics: 

- What consumers are currently concerned about when shopping
- Where they try to save the most money
- What trends determine the contents of their shopping cart

Download the study now and get interesting insights!

About Bring!

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Bring! is Europe's largest digital shopping list platform. The app supports millions of consumers in their individual shopping planning and implementation. It accompanies users through the entire shopping process for everyday items such as groceries and drugstore goods - from inspiration to joint planning to purchase.

In addition to the shopping platform for consumers, Bring! offers partners from FMCG and retail an innovative mobile advertising platform that enables them to open up new marketing channels and to place products in the context of shopping in a targeted and native way.